Friday, October 27, 2006

You know what I hate about hallowe’en? The costumes. Yep, I hate them. Not because I think its silly or because I’m a adult, but, because, the good ones are so damn expensive. I mean, last year, jarrod and I went out as hicks. I was pregnant with a magnum of wine, he wore a beater and a flip flops with socks. We both wore mullet wigs. And talked in southern drawl. (it got worse as the night went on) but the wigs were each twenty bucks. For wigs! And the rest of the costume we made ourselves. And by made, I mean, were shocked when we discovered how easily our wardrobes suited being trailer trash. And this was our “cheap” costume. Originally, we had ideas about renting costumes from Malabar. Which is just stupid. If you could even get in the door, who would want to pay a hundred bucks for one night of costume renting?

I blame this on my new thrifty side. I will admit it. This summer was pretty rough. Financially. In every other way, it was great. But, having no money coming in, and worse, no savings to fall back on (education shmeducation), really meant that I was pinching the proverbial pennies. And suddenly, all the Larsh went out of me and I was filled with the McIntosh spirit. Its like I am possessed. I can feel myself being miserly. I’ll debate on whether to buy a really great book. In the past, I’d have bought the good book, the book beside it, and another, just to make sure I had my tastes covered. Its certainly a shock, let me tell you.

And this year, come hallowe’en, it’s the same all over again. I love the though of dressing up and I hate the thought of doing it. I remember during my undergrad, dressing up as a baby and my girlfriends killing themselves laughing at me because I hadn’t spent a cent on the costume. I mean, what’s the point? I am going to get drunk and fall down. I might as well be doing it in old pyjamas rather than some slutty dress that I want my deposit back on.

So, tonight, when it comes to dressing up, I guarantee I will be one of these things: a gypsy, a hippie, an old lady, or a baby. I hate all of these costumes equally. Maybe that’s why I am driven to the drink.

And damn it, I know I can’t compete with a tyranawhorus sex.

oh, and i just thought the shark was funny.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

i am always surprised to find where hate shows up. see, i moved into this apartment thinking i would hate lee's palace. i don't hate lee's palace. the other night, robin was in here, and after about an hour of chatting she looked at me and was like, "hey, when did the music start?" neither of us had noticed. but, it turns out, the people that i hate are the tenants upstairs. they are jocks. they are loud. they play music at all hours of the day. and night. the other day, while reading in my room, i heard one guy go, "yeah, dude, let's watch some porn. what channel is it again?" and then three or four other male voices all yelled, "39!" glad to know there is some self love going on upstairs cause i sure ain't hearing the ladies very often.

i finally feel like i have my room organized. i moved the closet bar waaaay up high (i can barely hang things on it) and i can get right into my closet. this has served to open up the room immeasurably. I was not inclinded to give my sliding-over-the-bed table, and, in order to still be able to, oh, i don't know, walk around the room, i had to move the dresser. we're not living in a big space here, jarrod and i, but it sure is feeling a lot bigger now.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

i've had a very excitign couple of days. yesterday, at my practicum, i made a shocking discovery. the almanac that i was cataloguing was not actually missing pages. no, indeed, the pages were complete, they were just, get this, mis-numbered. and me, being the sleuth that i am, figured out that the pagination was just fine if you counted, but not if you actually looked at the number printers. fortunately, i had another copy with which to compare and to prove my shocking results.
i am being completely serious. this totally made my day.
see, i feel like there might be people out there who might question my dedication to this profession or my natural inclination. even though i detest school, and lectures, and papers, and discussion, i do truly love this profession. i just need days like yesterday every once in a while to remember it.
lest you think i've totally changed stripes, i did spend the day chatting on gmail with my favourite online compatriots, kristen and tasha, who, of course kept me abreast of the fact that lindsay lohan is corrupting rumer willis (is anyone else surprised that she isn't more good lookin'?) and that some paramour's are just not worth the effort. or the email.
right now, this second, i am taking a brief pause from my advocacy report. or powerpoint. i'm working with a partner from western, which has actually turned out pretty well despite my worries, and its her turn to look things over. when she sends it back, i have to do a audio recording.
i am afraid i am going say either "god mother fucking damn this course is terrible" or "like*" (in a valley girl type tone). these two fears are equal, because, well, i don't have control over my mouth when i say either of those things.
i will maintain that it was not my fault.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

i know, i know, its been a while. and you've missed me terribly. i know. i promise to be better in the future. see, the great thing about this blog is that i can make promises like that. and then not keep them. with no repercussions, except that i feel mildly bad.

so, these past few weeks have been busy. busy to the point where i feel like if one more thing falls on my plate then i will just start crying. its been a stressful time for the whole family, with dad's illness, with moving, with everything...there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day. this is how i know that i am all grown up, because i say things like, "there just aren't enough hours in a day." i also offer this example of grown upness. yesterday, a friend mentionned that she got stuck in a corridor without a pass card and could not get out. all the doors required security clearance, which she did not have. i, of course, was shocked and said, "well, that's such a safety hazard!" yes, that is what i said. i went on about how unsafe it was to have a situation wherein people get stuck. fortunately, someone else came through the door. with a pass. otherwise maybe there'd be a party in there by now. (hey! party...maybe i am young still!)

i have managed to hurt my thumbs. one of the guys at work roped (and by roped i mean, mentionned, and i jumped at the chance) into playing intermural co-ed volleyball. its a total blast. its not too serious, but serious enough that you are excited when you win or when you make a good play. just my level. it also feels good to get out and do something physical, something other than just solo running. which actually i should be doing as well. i've pulled out of the race, but annetta is running in my spot. i think i might still tell people i am running so that they'll be uber impressed with my time. i am still going to go out and cheer for her! go annetta go! i don't know what she's been eating for breakfast to have all her motivation, but i give her a lot of credit for it. we're playing ultimate frisbee intramurally as well, and i am going to bust out my carleton ultimate show for intimidation. but then they'll expect some skill from me.

the new place is alright. actually, its great. there was a while there when i could not even write about it. i was upset with the moving process, i felt so bad for robin (who kinda got swept up in the tide of alli-planning, which is never a good place to be), i was adjusting to the noise (thank you lee's palace), there were so many other things to just "get done." but now, it feels like home. both robin and jarrod have put so much time and effort into our place that, although it is not perfect, it is the best home. i have never seen jarrod so much in his element, and that is pretty priceless to me. especially since i plan on dragging him across the country next year, wherever my employment takes me. thank you tasha for making me think way too much about that!

also, that jacket that i invested in at lululemon. totally worth it. i've been caught riding my bike in the rain no less than five times since i bought it.