Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alli's Method of Beating the Hell out of the Common Cold:

  1. Mope around for a few days, so that it thinks it is getting the better of you. Extra points if you fake it so well that you start to believe yourself that it is getting the better of you.
  2. Make friends with Buckley's. When you start to like the taste, you're know you're getting better.
  3. Learn to sleep sitting up. Not only will you cough less, you'll also freak out anyone who walks into the room during the night. Yesterday, Jarrod started a conversation with me because he thought I was awake. In his defense, not only was I sleeping sitting up, I also had my Nalgene bottle on my lap.
  4. Water. Lots of water. When you feel that damned cough coming on, drink it.
  5. Tylenol with codeine, over the counter from the friendly neighbourhood pharmacist. No, seriously, codeine is a cough suppressant, and when combined with the wonderful DM, it almost makes you feel human again.
  6. Rolling up kleenex into a little sausage and sticking it in your nose. Prevents the nasal drip and is uber hot.
Now, I can't guarantee this method, seeing as how, well, I'm still rather coughey. But I will mention that this is the best that I've felt in a week, so, I think I'm on to something.


Tasha said...

My new favorite thing about Canada? That Tylenol with codeine is available without a prescription. Warms the cockles of my cold, black heart.

Beth said...

Rolling up kleenex into a "little sausage and sticking it in your nose. Prevents the nasal drip and is uber hot."

or...utter snot : )

Gee, I thought that was only a McIntosh thing. Glad to have shared THAT with ya ! Glad you didn't have Papa to hold your head over the bowl of BOILING water with Vicks in it. I'm sure it helped...but we STILL can get some mileage over that one. We had a babysitter that apparently was told to give us Vicks. I HAD to eat it off the spoon. Ummm...I think Grammy wanted it rubbed on my chest. Speaks volumes doesn't it. Maybe THAT'S what happened to me. Yup - Eating Vicks Vapo rub will really mess with ya.
See you soon...hopefully sans cold.