Saturday, December 16, 2006

Things that make me

Things that make me miserable:

  1. A sore throat that I thought was getting better but was really only going into hiding to execute a sneak attack at four am this morning, wherein I was awake and trying not to swallow for over an hour.
  2. Not knowing where my Knowledge Ontario book/pamphlet is, which is terribly important to reducing the number of hours that I have to spend on my stupid advocacy paper.
  3. The thought of cleaning my room. No, seriously, its really really bad right now.

Things that make me Not miserable:

  1. Having friends come into town, who I don't have to entertain and don't seem to think it is anything out of the ordinary for me to be writing a paper two days before its due.
  2. Jeff flying in from Halifax, and remarking, within ten minutes, that he thinks he might be stupid.** Which leads me onto the running joke, entitled: "Proving to my guidance counselor that I should recieve special compensation in academic matters because I was born stupid."
  3. The opening scene of Troy where Brad Pitt kills the shit out of that big guy.

** I do not mean to insinuate in any way that I actually do think Jeff is stupid. We all know that I make the jokes about the hockey, but, really, he's a very smart kid.

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