Monday, December 18, 2006

There are very few things that could make a girl like me (and by that I mean one who is sick even though its been FIVE days) feel better right now: soup or ice cream. I'm working tonight, because I figured the only thing worse than writing a paper while ill is to be writing a paper while ill when you could be getting paid to write it. So, at work, after suffering through a few short but cough filled calls, its finally my break. And I go upstairs to grab, oh, I don't know, maybe some soup? Lo and behold (that's for you!), the whole cafeteria is torn apart. Not only is there no chance of me getting soup, there's no chance of my fracking getting anything.

I realize though, that there are vending machines. And, there's ice cream in them. The thought of smooth cold ice cream on my sore tender throat was enough to get this gal a salivating. But, I only had a new Canadian five, and of course, the machines just kept rejecting it. I am telling you, after a day like this (and the previous five sicky ones), I was about ready to burst into tears. You know that feeling you get when things are just too beyond your control but something really simple would have made it all better? That was how I felt, standing there, looking at the ice cream, with a stupid new fiver in my hand.

You had better believe that if the convenience store by my apartment doesn't have the ice cream that I want, I am going to go absolutely postal.

On the upside, my paper is officially seventeen pages. That is so much closer to eighteen than I ever expected to get. And my foot notes are done. I'm not sure its English, but, hey, they can't fail me. Knock on wood.

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Court said...

Sorry Alli, I should have warned you before I left that the cafeteria was in chaos, I complained myself when I could not get my coffee at 8am :(

Tip on the vending machine, the Coke machine almost always takes your five dollar bills, pop it in there, then hit change return and presto, you have change for the ice cream machine. I know, little use to you now, but hey next time you're all set.